Create a Place in the Future for Your Business

Create a Place in the Future for Your Business

Meet the most adaptable POS for merging in-store and online sales.


Grab Every Business Opportunity With One Back Office

One powerful platform

Get all the tools you need to manage your business and market and sell to customers in one place – anywhere, any time.

Advanced inventory features

Generate sales and transfer stock based on accurate inventory forecasts and performance.

Unified reporting

Become accustomed to growing trends in your business by taking advantage of unified analytics that merges in-store and online sales.

Custom staff permissions

Delegate with peace of mind and encourage staff to grow and perform better with more responsibilities.


Sell your products at all times—from online to checkout line

Browse in store, buy online

Remind customers of their in-store favorite products with email carts.

Buy online, pick up in store

direct online customers to shop in-store and upsell at pickup.

Buy in store, ship to customer

Seize every opportunity to sell, even when in-store inventory is limited.

Checkout’s best friends

Customizable checkout

Keep your most-used apps, products, and discounts at the tip of your finger and accelerate checkout with the smart grid that adjusts to actions in the cart.

Mobile POS

Throw out lineups and make instant sales. The EWCart POS app and mobile card readers let you serve your customers in a manner that is faster and better.


Turn one-time customers into lifetime fans

Frictionless returns and exchanges

Give staff the ability to help customers with purchases made online or in-store.

Fully-synced customer profiles

Offer bespoke shopping experiences with quick and easy access to notes, lifetime spends, and previous orders from any location.

Personalized marketing

Collect contact details and modify marketing strategies and campaigns to share special discounts and sneak promos.

Integrated loyalty programs

Give customers who shop with you regularly a chance to claim rewards by including loyalty apps to your POS system.

Your eCommerce Platform Awaits

Your business starts here with EWCart. Get your website developed for free with free trial of our ecommerce platform. Discover what makes us different today.

Your eCommerce Platform Awaits
Your eCommerce Platform Awaits
Your eCommerce Platform Awaits
Your eCommerce Platform Awaits