Use Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Connect with Customers

Use Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Connect with Customers

Select from EWCart's predesigned email templates and email tracking options. EWCart Email provides all the tools you need to build lifelong customer relationships. And with no prior experience, you'll look like a pro right from the start.

Choose from ready-made designs

Save time with templates that automatically pull branding and products from your store.

Send from your domain and email server

Build brand recognition at every customer touchpoint, starting with the inbox using your own email address.

Manage your campaigns within Shopify

Use your EWCart Email dashboard to send, manage, and analyze all marketing activities.

Create with ease

Start with your brand

Put your store colors, logo, and products into email templates and completely customize the emails and how they appear.

Pick a template

Choose from a growing and extensive collection of email marketing templates like newsletters, product collections, sales, and more.

Edit and revisit

After choosing a template, change the text, images, buttons, and anything else you need to change to give the email the identity of your brand. Plus, your email is automatically saved, meaning you can revisit it whenever you want.

Send with confidence

Use your domain name

EWCart Email campaigns can be sent using your domain name, to build brand loyalty, and ensure that spam filters are avoided.

Choose your recipients

Import your customer list to EWCart Email and segment emails to make certain that the right messages get to the ideal set of people.

Preview your work

Before sending, take a second look at your email to see exactly how it will look in a customer’s inbox.

Analyze and evolve

Run your entire business from EWCart

Send and track emails from where you manage products, customers, and other important digital marketing campaigns.

Understand your campaign performance

Own your own data and receive usable reports from your dashboard to view open rates, sales, and lots more.

Improve your efforts

Try new ideas to breathe in more life into your approach with each email campaign.

Your eCommerce Platform Awaits

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Your eCommerce Platform Awaits
Your eCommerce Platform Awaits
Your eCommerce Platform Awaits
Your eCommerce Platform Awaits